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Since Fall 2019, Esperanza de Tejas has been part of the nonprofit and community development dialogue happening here in the Coastal Bend.

On January 29, 2020, Esperanza received its 501c(3) status. Dedicated to enhancing community access to fresh food, healthcare, supplies, and skills needed for education, Esperanza's primary goal is the rehabilitation of communities that lack resources for upward mobility.

We strive to build HOPE for communities through community engagement, comprehensive programs and social service initiatives. Our motto is "Amor y Esperanza" (Love & Hope), and we believe we can uplift the communities we serve by adhering to this philosophy.

To learn more about us, visit our website here.


Here are a few of the programs provided by Esperanza de Tejas:

Garden of Hope

"Garden of Hope" provides our underrepresented communities with educational opportunities to understand how to incorporate fresh foods into their daily diets, while also offering access to healthy food alternatives to some of their favorite dishes.



  • Increase access to fresh foods

  • Help bridge the food insecurity gap for our communities

  • Build stronger community relationships and interactions

  • Reduce our community's carbon footprint

  • Increase overall wellness in an existing community and make a positive influence on the community's culture.

The Children's

Free Store

The purpose of The Children’s Free Store is to fight food insecurity and provide basic necessities to children on the brink of homelessness. The Children’s Free Store provides all items for FREE to families in need while also preserving their dignity.


  • Provide a meal and snack bags to children.

  • Provide clothing, shoes and undergarments.

  • Provide diapers and baby food.

  • Link children and families to local resources.

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amor y esperanza

Scholarship Fund

Amor y Esperanza provides leadership and scholarship opportunities to school-aged youth. The fund hosts a yearly summit/workshop geared towards middle and high school students, which provides FASFA, resume, and college application workshops maximizing student confidence in their pursuit of higher education.


  • Increase the number of students who complete high school and apply/attend 2-4 year institutions.

  • Increase the number of students who apply for FASFA

  • Empower students to become leaders in their communities

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Let’s Work Together

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Phone: 281-744-5060

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